Kroger introduces one of a kind ‘Chef Bot’


Chef Bot is America’s latest sensation. It is a twitter tool designed by Kroger which recommends various recipes to an individual based upon ingredients already present in his/her fridge. What a nifty tool! You will never be out of meal ideas. This is an ideal use of the rapidly progressing technology in the modern era.


America’s dearest grocery chain Kroger recently launched their first version of ‘Chef Bot’; a Twitter personalized recipe tool which enables people to cook scrumptious meals without going all out and being melodramatic. You only need to enter existing ingredients in your kitchen and the app will layout easy meal recommendations for you. Consequently, this reduces food wastage as well.

There are two different ways for the users to make the most out of this app. They may tweet photos of the available ingredients to @KrogerChefBot. The chef bot recognizes the ingredients itself and then suggests several distinctive yet simple recipes for people to follow.  On the other hand, users may also share snaps of ingredients in their pantry via Snapchat and the artificial chef bot will carve out the perfect recipe.

Kroger developed this ingenious and amicable Chef Bot in partnership with technology parks Clairifai and Coffee Labs and the well-known media organization 360i. The chef bot uses the principles of artificial intelligence and is extremely easy to use. If you are tired of tedious meals and have leftover food items in the kitchen head over to Kroger’s Chef Bot. It may be the perfect fit for you! The Chef Bot is reportedly able to recognize over 2,000 ingredients and can offer up to 20,000 innovative recipes for you to cherish.

Chef Bot simplifies food management at home. If you are short on time and completely out of ideas about what to cook do not worry! Chef Bot has you covered. Kroger is hopeful their Chef Bot will evolve according to user demands over time and improve with every passing day to provide people a good experience.