Kroger Is all ready to Deliver Targeted Training in small Doses


According to the recent statement by the Kroger company, which is now collaborating and leveraging digital solutions. In this regard, the Chain Store Age spoke with Murphy, Senior Director of Training and Onboarding at The Kroger Co. On how the grocery giant is leveraging solutions from micro-education technology. Which is the provider of Axonify to sustenance workforce initiatives that include hiring 10,000 new employees, as well as engaging and motivating them. Nearly one million grocery workers are in constant confrontation with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


In addition, the company is making an effort to maximize the efficacy and impression of training and preparation activities. while the giant grocer Kroger decided to replace manual paper training with web-based training. The company is required to develop a digital approach that it could deliver across different locations, such as the supply chain, manufacturing, and warehousing locations, and then measure the success of the customer experience. In the end, Kroger chose Axonify’s micro-learning platform.

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Here’s is the official statement by the company spokesperson: Axonify allows us to offer targeted, volume-bound training premiums on the job,” Murphy explained. “It is fun, easy to use, and has a positive impact on the customer experience. It also allows us to collect meaningful data on the growth of associate knowledge. Furthermore, Kroger is a large company with partners on the front lines in stores, distribution centres and across the supply chain,” Murphy said. “There are challenges in effectively delivering training, which has multiplied during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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While explaining how the employee will use the app and training manual? Well, the employee will engage in three- to five-minute mobile training a day. There are also aspects of gamification.  The Gamification items include a practice leaderboard, as well as a popular virtual mini-golf mode game.  Murphy said Kroger so far has about 6,000 participants who have signed up for the app via various company banners. The retailer plans to continue rolling out the Axonify-based Fresh Stuff app across the company’s credit and expects about 300,000 employees to use it by October 2021. They also said that the employee can have fun while working at Kroger and can learn a lot from this opportunity.

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