Kroger is all set to announce the second winners of Vaccine Sweepstakes Prize

Cincinnati: Kroger just made a special announcement earlier today: As the second winner of the Kroger Vaccine Sweepstakes Prize by the Kroger company will be announced later this week. Now, if you are wondering if you have missed your chance to win the huge prize money? Then no! you can still take a part in this campaign and win enormous prizes.

Now, we all know that Kroger has entered the second week of the $1 million winning prizes phase. Where one lucky winner will get $1 million and 10 more will get free groceries for a year. The #CommunityImmunity Giveaway runs until July 10th with winners determined weekly.

Kroger is all set to announce the second winners of Vaccine Sweepstakes Prize

The purpose behind this was to support the Biden administration’s national efforts to receive at least 70% of U.S. adults with their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by July 4. In this regard the Kroger Health is giving away a $1 million winner each week, plus “groceries for a year,” 10 each week. Which is worth $13,000 (equal to $250 per week for 52 weeks).

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Furthermore, Kroger has already selected the top winners’ previous week and working with the winners to determine who he wants to be in the public spotlight. The second winners will be announced on Wednesday. Now, if you want to take a part in it then here’s how you can take part:

In order to take part, you need to take the vaccination from any of the Kroger health centres. You need to submit the proof. Plus, you have to be over 18 years old and you need to be a legal resident and reside in any state of America.  For more information regarding this campaign, you can click on this link and learn more about the registration process which is quite easy to follow.

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