Kroger is all set to Doubles their Automation at Ohio Distribution Center


One of the largest grocery retailers in America, Kroger is all set to double the automation centre distribution in Ohio. While Kroger is increasing and modernizing its Great Lakes distribution centre in Delaware. According to the map statistics the building the 130,000-square-foot facility and deploying Atlanta-based Knapp automation technology to help move products to stores faster.

Here is the official statement “The expansion of the facility is part of the ongoing transformation of our supply chain network and this project will double our capacity while providing innovation and scalability that can grow with demand,” said Tony Luchino, vice president of supply chain and network strategy at Kroger.  The technology investment in the Great Lakes Distribution Center is designed to add a new level of flexibility to the Kroger supply chain network and deliver a flexible approach to investments in automation,” Knapp CEO Joseph Mintzer added while addressing the press today.

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About the Distribution Center

Now, about the Great Lakes capability which opened in 2003 and serves 115 stores in central and northwestern Ohio as well as southeastern Michigan and the Ohio River Valley region. Reconstructions are underway and are expected to be completed later this summer. Previously Kroger had announced that its ambition is to double online sales and profitability by 2023.  A feat it is looking to achieve in part through its investments in automation to enhance supply chain and execution efficiencies.

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