Kroger is all set to open new grocery delivery center “Spoke” in North Jacksonville


According to the recent statements reports which showed that Kroger is all set to open up new venture with the Midwestern. While, the largest grocery company Kroger is building a logistics operation in North Jacksonville to deliver fresh groceries.


Now, Kroger Fulfillment Network LLC, part of Cincinnati-based Kroger Corporation, is the tenant of 62,208 square feet at 1 No. 200. The project is described as a cross-port for commercial goods, which means goods are brought in and shipped quickly to their destination.

Kroger is all set to open new grocery delivery center Spoke in North Jacksonville

Furthermore, the city issued a permit on May 11 to Caddell Construction Co. LLC in Jacksonville to build the space costing $ 205,000. Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers in Louisville, Kentucky, is the architect. In this regard, the Kroger spokeswoman Teresa Dickerson endorsed the plans late in the afternoon of May 12, and wants more information to be provided as it becomes available.

“We’re very excited about the Jacksonville Market,” she said via email. Apart from that Kroger have also announced new position as well. They stated that Kroger Logistics has a vacancy for HR Specialist for its “new location in Jacksonville”. A banner ad at the top of the Kroger homepage says Kroger Fresh Delivery is coming soon. It is assigning a position to Jacksonville “Speak”, which appears to be similar to Tampa Speak, an arm of the Groveland Fulfillment Center in Central Florida. Fulfillment Center is a new concept for Kroger, “where customer orders are picked daily by Fulfillment Center Associates and delivered to customers’ homes the next day in Kroger refrigerated trucks by Deliver Drivers.”

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While, it is reported that the Orlando Sentinel reported on April 14 that Kroger has shipped its first grocery products from the Groveland facility directly to customers, but the company has not said it will build entire stores in Central Florida. She said customers can order on and the retailer’s and grocery store app will be delivered in temperature-controlled trucks. Sentinel reports that the service is expected to be available for up to 90 miles off the hub and could increase with “talk sites”.

The Sentinel reported that Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said at a press conference that the Groveland Center is ultimately designed to serve the state and in southern Georgia and southern Alabama. There are also Kroger Logistics Jacksonville jobs listed on other HR Coordinator recruitment platforms to support the HR Professional; Transportation supervisor to supervise drivers; And drivers. The company says it is one of the largest retailers in the world based on annual sales. It reported total sales of $ 132.5 billion for the fiscal year 2020, up 8.4% from $ 122.3 billion the previous year and more workforces will be hired by the Kroger. Now what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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