Kroger is closing more stores in Los Angeles due to “hero payment”


According to the recent news statement Kroger who closed various stores due to “hero pay” rules is now again closing 3 more stores. While, the supermarkets operated by Kroger Corporation in Los Angeles have been set to close permanently in what the company said is the result of “hero Pay” in the city.


As reported store shelves were nearly empty at the Food 4 Less location at 5420 East Sunset Boulevard in East Hollywood, that the store’s signature sign above the front entrance had already been removed. Two Ralphs stores are also closed at 9616 West Pico Boulevard and 3300 West Slauson Avenue. The closings come after the city of Los Angeles voted to require grocery chains an additional $ 5 per hour for nearly four months. Kroger chose instead to close the three stores, saying the sites were already struggling. The company will continue to operate 65 other locations in Los Angeles.

Kroger is closing more stores in Los Angeles due to hero payment

Many of the shoppers along with workforces have requested kroger not to close the store. But they did close as they can’t pay “extra hero pay”. While  Los Angeles City Council votes to end emergency law of $ 5 an hour amid a pandemic. Los Angeles City Council finalized an emergency decree requiring large grocery stores and drugstores to provide an additional $ 5 per hour to employees in risk allowance.

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In this regard, clients on the East Hollywood site on Saturday morning expressed mixed feelings about the development. Referring to workplace hazards amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex Hernandez said: “I mean they come here to work, especially dealing with people all the time, it is dangerous for them and their families.” “I think it’s fair to get a little extra pay.” Don Hale said he doesn’t like “the idea of ​​groceries paying $ 5 extra an hour.” “I myself am a trade unionist, and have always been,” Hill said. “But, no, if the city wants to run a grocery business, they have to have publicly owned grocery stores.” Kroger also closed two other Long Beach sites after that city also approved the “Hero Salary” law. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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