Kroger is Collaborating with Knapp Robot Team to Great Lake Distribution Center


According to the largest retailers in the United States of America, Kroger is all set to collaborate with the great lakes DC-Knapp robot its investment in Knapp automation technology. It will improve store refurbishment efficiency at its Great Lakes distribution centre.


While Knapp’s automated storage retrieval system is part of a 130,000 square foot extension. According to the statement which showed that the Kroger is bringing automation from logistics expertise provider Knapp to its Great Lakes distribution centre in Delaware, Ohio. The spokesperson of Kroger said that we are presenting the combination of Knapp’s order-sharing, storage, and retrieval. The (OSR) service that delivers grocery bags sequentially to Knapp’s RunPick automated pallets, adding “next-generation” efficiency and performance to the grocery’s supply chain network.

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According to Kroger, Great Lakes DC is currently being renovated to install robotics technology. However, it is scheduled to be completed this summer, the project will add 130,000 square feet to the facility, bringing it to nearly 900,000 square feet.

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Here’s what they said regarding the collaboration “Kroger’s investment in Knapp’s latest technology enables the Great Lakes Distribution Centre to improve efficiency in refurbishing our stores. Enabling us to quickly deliver fresh food to our customers. Expanding the facility is part of the ongoing transformation of our supply chain network, and this project will double our capacity while providing innovation and scalability. Expansion that can grow with demand,” Tony Luchino, vice president of supply chain and network strategy at Kroger, said in a statement. “This collaborative project will allow us to better serve customers in the region,” he added.

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