Kroger is hosting Spring Food Drive in collaboration with FOX13

According to the recent news, the leading name FOX13′S Family Focus and Kroger are launching this year Spring Food Drive 2021. All donations benefit Midsouth Food Bank. A food bank can take one dollar and turn it into three healthy meals for families.

Since the pandemic, the Food Bank has served nearly half a million people facing food insecurity in the community. The Food Bank currently supplies 31 counties in West Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and East Arkansas, providing food to local agencies and food distribution sites.

Kroger is hosting Spring Food Drive in collaboration with FOX13

The food bank has moved from distributing one million pounds of food per month to three million. The need is great yet and continues to grow. From April 11th to April 17th, you can make a donation to any Mid-South Kroger grocery store. You can also round your bill upon departure. All proceeds benefit the food bank.

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In the past year, individual donors accounted for more than 62% of the food bank’s total financial gifts. Your support means healthy food will be put on the table for thousands of needy families, children and elderly people. Mid-South Kroger’s donated more than 1 billion pounds of produce and meat to the food bank during 2020, according to Theresa Dickerson, director of public affairs for the Delta division of the Kroger. Kroger stores across the region have gift boxes in store. You can shop for non-perishable food items and put them in the box before you leave. If you have any concerns or need to know where to donate you can comment below! We would love to guide you further!

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