Kroger is making new trends by sending mail in flexible Packaging

According to the news, one of the finest and largest grocery chain Kroger invites customers to mail in flexible plastic packaging to make new, recycled products. Kroger offers customers a way to recycle flexible plastic packaging in what Al-Groqal says is the first program of its kind.

The “Kroger Our Brands Recycling Program”, developed in partnership with TerraCycle. It encourages customers to send mail in Kroger-brand flexible plastic packaging. Once the packaging is received, it will be cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be reshaped to make new, recycled products, the company says.

Kroger is making new trends by sending mail in flexible Packaging

Another great thing about the flexible plastic packaging for consumer products including multi-layer films, helps maintain food quality and freshness. But is difficult to recycle and is not accepted into pavement programs, admits Keith Dailey, Kroger Group Vice President of Corporate Affairs and President of Sustainability. “Kroger is aware of the negative impact packaging – including plastic waste – has on the environment,” says Krueger.

While, customers are encouraged to collect flexible plastic packaging such as bags, pouches, liners and wrappers from Kroger’s “Our Brands” products and package them in “any box available”. They should then ship the box out with a free prepaid shipping label available in their account. That they created on the program’s webpage. For every pound of eligible packaging, participants earn points that can be exchanged as donations to participating charities.

The program will help build a stronger recycling infrastructure in the United States, Kroger says, and boost the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste program for its social and environmental impact. It is open to individuals, businesses, schools, and community organizations. The company says it is an extension of its recently launched Simple Truth Recycling program, which has so far given customers the opportunity to recycle product flexible packaging from Simple Truth, Kroger’s organic brand. Kroger has announced its commitment to reducing greenhouse gases by 30% and moving to 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging by 2030. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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