Kroger is ready to invest $56 million in Houston Associates


Here’s an interesting piece of news! According to the news reports, the inner source has confirmed that the leading store Kroger Houston announced details of its recent investment in associates, including $56 million in pay raises for their employees and steps to ensure access to reliable, affordable healthcare benefits.


Here’s the official statement by the company “Kroger’s commitment to increasing wages and ensuring that our partners receive world-class, affordable, safe, and reliable healthcare benefits are a core priority for the company,” said Joe Kelly, president of Kroger’s Houston division.

While the store has presented “The Last, Best, and Final Show” to the Union on 19 August. Unfortunately, UFCW Local 455 refused to set a voting date that would allow its members (Kroger’s associates) to vote on the show. In total, Kroger’s $56 million investment in increased wages and safe and affordable healthcare benefits for colleagues comes after several months of negotiations between Kroger and UFCW Local 455.

Further, they said that “Our plan is to remove any uncertainty in frontline partners’ experience with the current health and welfare trust fund plan,” Kelly continued. “We believe this is the right way forward for our partners.”

Moreover, UFCW Local 455 did not allow associates to vote on an interim agreement that would improve the security and stability of past and future pension benefits by moving to a new Variable Pension Plan (VAPP) which will include nearly $ 1 billion in investment by Kroger. UFCW Local 455’s failure to allow a vote on the pension proposal hinders both parties from enhancing the security of pension benefits for the thousands of Kroger Family of Companies partners who are also UFCW members across the country.

While the company decided to spend more than $75 million a year on healthcare aides every hour and they also said that Kroger Houston partners will only pay $32 for single coverage or $172 for family coverage each month in a company-run plan. Kroger offered to invest nearly $ 1 billion to improve the stability and security of past and future pension benefits for 33,000 employees across 14 departments – including Houston’s meat clerks. We hope this will help Kroger to gain back the position among top companies. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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