Kroger is trading $ 250,000 for the naming rights to UNT’s food store


According to the recent statement by the Nora Shazad, a sophomore at the University of North Texas. she is one of two staff members for the newly renamed UNT Food Pantry.


She was present on Thursday for the official announcement that Kroger would financially support the pantry for the next five years, which included funds for each of the salaries of working students.

Kroger is trading $ 250,000 for the naming rights to UNT's food store

While, the modest ceremony outside the warehouse on the campus of UNT saw notes from representatives of UNT, Denton and Kroger. The company’s funding earned $ 250,000 the naming rights, which it used to rename the facility UNT Food Pantry that Kroger introduced. The money will also be used to ensure your pantry shelves remain stocked.

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The store has served more than 10,000 since it opened in 2015, and more than 1,100 of them have served that chapter alone, according to the UNT website. UNT President Neil Smatrisk toured the food store in Crumley Hall on Thursday. Kroger has made a five-year financial commitment to the university and granted the naming rights to the endeavor, now known as the UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger.

In this regard Shazad entered the field for the first time while still a student at Fresco Heritage High School. I started working on the UNT warehouse in January. “I thought it was great to come to my university and provide as much assistance as possible here because there are so many people, especially in this region, who deal with food insecurity,” she said. She estimated that a busy week this year saw nearly 200 students walk through the gates of the store. Along with another student and another graduate assistant, Shazad helps with stocking shelves and prepares specialty bags for students before pick-up times. She said that the dietary restrictions and current students’ needs go into the bags every week. “It’s just amazing feeling to learn that we can’t just do what we’re really doing to help more people, we can do more than that. Now, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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