Kroger is waiting in court to issue bonds for the Forsyth Road Sign

According to current announcements, Kroger’s director of corporate affairs says they are ready to go ahead. Once they obtain permits from businesses that have been put on hold in court. In this regard, two weeks ago, Joan Garcia of Wesleyan Woods neighborhood in Macon. Officially stated that the entrance near Starbucks on Forsyth Street was driving her crazy!

“I got stuck on the right turn with people standing in the way trying to get in. If you’re coming from downtown Macon, you won’t be able to get in at all. You have to change your plan and try to get in at the other entrance to the Kroger Mall.” In 2019, Macon-Bibb’s Planning and Planning Board approved the parking changes needed to put a traffic light on, and the mall owner and Kroger are following up.

Kroger is waiting in court to issue bonds for the Forsyth Road Sign

In addition to a traffic light near Starbucks, James Thomas of the P&Z Board said these plans also included a right-out design for the entrance on the other end of the mall. “We are so happy that they are talking about a stop sign, but the amount of time it takes can be a hindrance in itself,” Garcia said.

Furthermore, Felix Turner, Kroger’s Director of Corporate Affairs, responded to an email stating that the Georgia Department of Transportation requires Native Acts and Right of Way before they can issue the necessary permits to start the project. Kroger has allocated more than $ 1 million to install a traffic light at this site, and we are ready to start construction as soon as we receive the appropriate permits from the Georgia Ministry of Transportation. The bonds were handed over to the Supreme Court. On February 12, we are currently waiting in front of the court for the trials to be cleared,” he said.

In addition, he said he believes the Supreme Court is handling the delays due to COVID-19. Bibb County’s engineering department is waiting on standby to assist with traffic control during installation. Now, what are you take on this news? Let us know in the comment section below!

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