Kroger launched its first Momentous Commercial Drone Flight Contempt the rain

The moment Kroger was waiting for the Launching of the first drone flight! They have successfully, launched their first historic drone flight. They didn’t even bother with rain. Kroger made its flight with its first retail drone delivery Wednesday morning in Centerville. Moving a box of two cans of long-grain rice to Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton on the front lawn of the city’s West Spring Valley Pike offices.

After the drone gently dropped the can on the city hall lawn, Compton opened the packaging, declaring his pride in being “a part of this community, the birthplace of aviation.”

Kroger launched its first Momentous Commercial Drone Flight Contempt the rain

Everyone who joined the launching party said that the trip is historic. Except for test flights in Centerville to “friends and family” of Kroger employees. This was the first official delivery of the aircraft, said Ethan Grob, director of the last-mile strategy and product for Kroger, and Beth Flipo, principal engineer for TELEGRID. The New Jersey company that pilots the drones.

At the moment, there are no charges for delivery via drones. Kroger’s drone delivery ordering site,, was not live and accepting orders as of this writing. But Groupe said the intent was to take orders from customers who live within a mile of the Kroger Marketplace “very soon.”

“For the pilot program, we’re going to have three live (drones) simultaneously,” Grob said Wednesday. “But if you think about it, at scale, we should be able to deliver as many incoming customer orders, within that immediate time period, now within a mile of the store, and hopefully expand that in the future.”

Today, he said, flights will carry regulated, pre-packaged orders weighing five to 10 pounds, but likely weighing close to five pounds. The flight area is determined by the Federal Aviation Administration. “We will be able to expand that range as we grow and get more flying hours,” Grob said. Now, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.

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