Kroger looks up at the sky with drone delivery test

Just In: As we all are aware that Kroger Co. will start this week it’s testing a drone delivery program that offers a strategic option. To send small packages of goods by air to consumers’ homes or wherever they are. They have also extended these services in tampa as well (which is in trial).

While, the collaborated and designed of the drones by Telegrid Technologies’ Drone Express, is expected to begin test flights this week. Near the Kroger Market in Centerville, Ohio, with plans to begin a second test at a Southern California Ralph’s store this summer. Flights will be managed by licensed Drone Express pilots from an on-site trailer with additional off-site monitoring. Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin later this spring.

Kroger looks up at the sky with drone delivery test

The reports are that the Cincinnati retailer puts drone testing as a component of its “lean” ecosystem. And its mission is to provide customers “with anything, anytime, anywhere.” Because the drone can deliver not just to a specific home address but to a mobile location. And comes with restrictions on its payload. Kroger said she sees the option as a flexible solution for shoppers picnicking in a park, or in need of sunscreen at the beach.

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The new Kroger drone delivery beta is part of the evolution of our fast-growing innovative e-commerce business which includes pick-up.  Delivery and shipping, with sales of more than $10 billion in 2020,” added Judy Kalmbach, Group Vice President of Product Experience. For Kroger, in a statement. “The pilot program reinforces the importance of flexibility and immediacy for customers. Backed by modern and efficient last-mile solutions. We are excited to test drone delivery and gain insights that will inform expansion plans as well as future customer solutions.”

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