Kroger & Many other are preparing to restock food as quickly as possible

According to the recent events, many shelves are bare at your local grocery stores like Kroger, Walmart and many more. While, the customers tried to stock up as much as possible before the recent winter weather arrived. A spokeswoman of Kroger said that they are expected to receive more supplies.

Kroger & Many other are preparing to restock food as quickly as possible

Now, from official statement, given on Thursday morning, she said they were fortunate to have a Kroger Distribution Center in Memphis to help MidSouth stores restore stock as soon as possible. Kroger isn’t the only company that’s struggling with this problem. A Walmart spokesperson also, said the home office has activated an emergency operations center that helps align support plans.

While, a shopper described the store as a crazy home. “People were everywhere,” said Olive Branch resident Chris Perry. “The shelves are clean and empty at Kroger. Even at Walmart. I took a trip to Walmart; Walmart is absolutely empty. People are out shopping and I don’t know if they’re restocking from yesterday. I know yesterday was completely ended as well due to the weather”

Furthermore, Walmart employees said they keep in touch with their operators in the field to ensure they are tracking the right items and tracking shipments. For now, retailers are only asking for your patience. Bear in mind that Kroger shuts down at 6 p.m. across the Mid-South.

Here’s what the official spokesperson said on this news “We are tracking winter weather across the country in real time and have activated the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Walmart Home Office to support our industry partners. At EOC, we work directly with logistics, store operations, and other teams within the company to align our support plans. “Our priority, and still is, is the safety of our partners and clients – looking after them and their families,” said Casey Stahili, Senior Director of National Media Relations.

While, the Kroger’s representative said that “Out of extreme caution for our partners and customers, all MidSouth Kroger stores will be closed today and tomorrow at 6 pm,” said Kroger spokeswoman Teresa Dickerson. Currently, all Kroger stores in Mid-South are open for business until 6 p.m. The weather has prevented many of our vendors from offering certain products to our stores. However, we are fortunate to have a Kroger Distribution Center in Memphis to help our Mid-South stores restock in As soon as possible. We ask customers to be patient with us while we move in inclement weather in our area. ” Now, we know that they’re trying the best! Let us know have your gotten your required food items? What’s the situation at your end in the comment section below!

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