Kroger offers COVID-19 vaccines in pharmacies in Georgia


Atlanta- This Wednesday Kroger have made public announcement regarding contribution of COVID-19 vaccines in all of its Georgia pharmacies. While, the patients admitted to the hospital are encouraged to wear a short-sleeved shirt, bring their insurance information, driver’s license, and be able to wait 15 minutes after their dose.


In a statement, Kroger said they boosts everyone who qualifies to get the vaccine. At the moment, Kroger is offering all three vaccines under an emergency use license from the US Food and Drug Administration, but she said that the availability of the vaccine will vary by store.

While, Kroger said that vaccination dates are still available online and that those who schedule vaccination appointments online will be able to choose the vaccine they want and store it. Kroger said teens 16-17 years old do not need their guardians to be with them, but pharmacists will call to verify their consent. For those getting the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, a second dose will be scheduled when the first dose is administered.

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