Kroger opens first $55 million automated warehouse in Butler County


Kroger opened the first automated warehouse in the United States in Monroe this week.


The $ 55 million, 335,000-square-foot Customer Happiness Center includes digital and robotic features, enabling Kroger to complete an order of approximately 50 items with a robot in 6 minutes, instead of Kroger employees needing 30 to 45 minutes of batch ordering. Surface. Store.

Kroger opens first $55 million automated warehouse in Butler County

The new facility is located in 63, Ohio, Monroe, also known as “Shack”, and is a 20 large automated warehouse / distribution facility jointly established with Kroger and Okado and both located in the United Kingdom. The largest dedicated online grocery store in the world.

More than 400 people are expected to be employed.

Speaking on a conference call to discuss fourth-quarter results, he said the Cincinnati-based grocer completed the opening at the plant on Wednesday.

“This marks the smooth opening of the facility and we look forward to the grand opening in early April,” said Rodney McMullen, President and CEO of Kroger Corporation, during the conference call on Thursday. As we continue to open more facilities, we will bring more experience to customers in the three states and across the country, and we are very excited. ”

Ocado is committed to forming similar partnerships with grocery companies around the world.

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Compared to in-store experience, he said, Okado’s “shed” can help store owners achieve higher levels of order fulfillment, and in-store experience can keep store employees unavailable or not available at all. Grand opening of the Monroe factory in 2019

It also helps to reduce costs.

Kroger’s partnership with Ocado “will bring customers fresh food faster than ever before, improving our ability to provide food anywhere, anytime,” McMullen said earlier.

McMullen said in an earnings call today that 60 million households shop in Kroger every year and their digital business is growing rapidly. He said the grocer had more than 1.3 billion customer interactions through its digital assets by 2020, an increase of 30% from last year.

“Our broad reach allows us to greatly customize the customer experience,” said MacMullen.

By 2020, he said, Kroger will make nearly 11 million personal recommendations every week.

“From a broad perspective, more than 1 billion consumer products will be delivered by 2020,” said McMullen.

McLaren said Kroger plans to open other Okado greenhouses this year. The company announced locations of 10 of the 20 expected centers to meet customer needs.

The Ohio Tax Credit Administration voted in 2018 for an eight-year 1,362% tax credit to the project. According to data from Butler County Auditor’s Office, Kroger bought more than 98 acres of Monroe real estate for $ 3.1 million in 2019.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine stated in June 2019 that the newest facilities are “the crossroads of Ohio’s emerging food and technology industries, as well as developing the Kroger customer shopping experience. The next step.”

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