Kroger Partners With the State’s Two Food Banks


As we all know that Kroger is constantly getting attention throughout the Holiday season, again in this holiday season Kroger has come up with a new campaign called “Feed the Hungry” in West Virginia. Recently a $125000 box truck has been donated by Kroger grocery employees from the Riverwalk Mall location in South Charleston.


Kroger’s Supermarkets have been requesting customer since October to donate their food which is nutritious and non-perishable, these items will be delivered to 2 food banks.  Hunger Food Bank in Huntington and Mountaineer Food Bank in Gassaway

Oats, beans, canned vegetables, fruits & meat, rice peanut butter and etc. can be dropped in Bins provided by Feed and Hungary in front of Kroger stores. Kroger has officially announced all the details for donations and this program will be running till 31st December 2020.

Feed the Hungry program is actually a share of Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative.  Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social effect plan was roused by Our Purpose. As a feature of our Restock Kroger plan, it’s likewise how we live Our Purpose each day. Our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste duty, presented in 2017, advanced from a key glance at what was valid to our past and how we can particularly drive positive change in our networks. The Vision of Kroger is to end hunger in the communities and eradicate waste across the company which is expected to be fulfilled by 2025.

Kroger works with the state’s two food banks on an all-year premise to recognize regions where the food banks need to uphold. The organization has given more than $100,000 in real money and item gifts. In 2019, when Mountaineer Food Bank encountered a truck lack, Kroger gave another $125,000 refrigerated box truck.

Corporate Affairs Manager, Kroger Mid Atlantic, Allison McGee stated; “We’re inspired by the work of Mountaineer Food Bank and Facing Hunger Food Bank, and we are doing our best to bring critically needed food and resources to those who are struggling with hunger at this time, our food bank partners need us now more than ever.”

MFB’s executive director, Chad Morrison stated; “Kroger has been a tremendous partner for decades and the millions of pounds of food that they’ve donated have changed lives. Kroger’s continued support truly means the world to us and to those we serve.”

Facing Hunger’s executive director, Cynthia Kirkhart has stated; “We’re working hard to stay ahead of the increased demand for food that the COVID-19 crisis has left across the region. During this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that partners like Kroger are willing to step up and help us provide our neighbors with much-needed food.”

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