Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success


One of the largest grocery store chains in America known as Kroger supermarket who did partnership with the people with criminal records. And who wanted another chance to prove themselves have started to getting famous and showing very good results.


In this regard, exclusive interview covered by the Memphis city leaders told FOX13 that since the city has partnered with Kroger, to help people with criminal records find jobs, three people are working on the program today and many have filled the forums.

Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success 1

Furthermore, the Mayor Jim Strickland is trying to make sure those in need of a second chance can find work which is exclusive sponsored by the Kroger. The program involves people who find another opportunity to find work and earning to support themselves instead of doing crime. The City leader furthermore said the partnership with Kruger is already showing signs of success.

Here is the exclusive official statement “These are the people who want to be better parents and better mothers, at the moment if they’re not working, they don’t pay taxes,” said Ken Moody, Special Assistant to Mayor Strickland. Previously, Kroger’s did partnership University of Masculinities and the Women Support Foundation or WOWS to help the women find work. Both groups offer men and women another opportunity to start over.

Kroger Partnership that helps people with criminal records is showing signs of success 2

“To give these people a second chance who made mistakes, and who had background and contextual challenges that might have prevented them from getting jobs. While, the results are great, as after they have announced the partnership with Kroger, WOWS and Manhood University, it has grown from about 50 to 200 people. Part of the challenges many of these individuals face is jobs because again once employers check their background, these things emerge and most employers are not ready to hire individuals with background challenges,” Moody stated.

While, he praised the superstore chain and further added that Kroger the first major company to advance and show laxity in some of its hiring policies so that men and women with backgrounds can compete for well-paying jobs. “They are looking to hire on a weekly basis,” he said. “Since the Kroger announcement, this has probably been the biggest request for our software we’ve had. These jobs pay anywhere from $ 15 to $ 20 an hour with benefits. There are some fees that a person may have on their record that the company will not bear.

Official statement by the Kroger said individuals who in progress to join them have completed orientation and are looking for new candidates every day. So, what are your views on this? Do you know anyone who’s finding work with criminal record? You can refer them as well. Let us know your view on this in the comment section below!

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