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Kroger one of the finest and known grocery stores in America is always working toward betterment for their customers. This time they have come up to reward their patrons in shares spend which is spend on the grocers.


While, Fintech firm Bumped has released data from its two-year pilot program that shows converting grocery customers into owners can boost traffic and spend.

Kroger patrons who are rewarded in shares spend the most on Grocerq

In addition, users who took a hit and who acknowledged partial stakes of equity for their spending using The Kroger banners, such as Fred Meyer, Food 4 Less, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, QFC, and Ralphs. Now, subsequently shopped those stores at a rate of 31 % More than usual, 32% more per month. This means that customers spend an additional $ 73.94 at the grocery store signage every month once they become owners.

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While, David Nielsen, CEO and founder of Bumped in Portland, Oregon, noted: “In a category where convenience is important, creating an owner has resulted in consumers wanting to go the extra mile.” “An additional trip each month among the entire Kroger owner segment shows that the stock rewards are powerful enough to push your customers to overtake your competitors and get back to you.”

Pilot Bumped has rewarded more than 13,000 US consumers in partial stock bonuses when they spend in more than 80 brands. Users have chosen their preferred brand in each category to receive stock rewards from them.

Furthermore, at Kroger employs approximately half a million employees who serve more than 9 million customers daily through a seamless digital shopping experience and 2,800 food retail stores under a variety of logos. Ranks third on the PG 100, the company is the 2020 Progressive Grocer list of North America’s Best Food and Consumer Retailers. We know Kroger works in betterment, now what is your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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