Kroger Plus Shoppers Card Benefits

Have you thought about having a magic card that would make way for you at the end of the registration process? A card that would save your time and energy to not stand in the line and get going? A card that provides all this with additional discounts on your purchase and makes you pay less for higher priced products? Are you an employee that avails all the benefits at Kroger and yet looks forward to more? If so, you are at the right spot to know how you can avail all these benefits. kroger shoppers plus card

What Will You Get using Kroger Shoppers Plus Kroger Card?

The Kroger Plus Card’s registration provides you with discounted e-coupons at the registration end. With this, you not only save money but time as well. Through the card, you can get groceries any day and any time with the distance of a few clicks on your gadget only. Every time you spend a dollar at Kroger’s store, you are rewarded with gas points. You can get 10 cents off when you have earned 100 fuel points! What! Yes you heard it right! Related Kroger Posts: The discounts range from price reduction in utility bills, groceries and fuel from the Kroger stores. However, the benefits are not limited to these but additional or existing ones count as well. Because the Kroger Plus Card focuses on multiplying the benefits for its employees and customers in every possible way. Now, you can benefit your friends, family and other associates through your Kroger Plus Card as well. Is a birthday around the corner? An anniversary that is awaiting for you? No time to think of a gift? Is your receiver too picky about colors and patterns that you want to present them? Thinking of buying a gift card from Kroger? Why not?! When you purchase a gift card, you get additional points and that too double. Kroger Related Posts:

Proliferate your Benefits by Linking your Kroger Plus Card NOW!

One you have your Kroger Plus Card, you can link it to any other card. If you do not have one, you can sign up for it online or get one at the customer service present at any Kroger store. To link any card, you must have your Kroger Plus Card with you. Visit and select register at the top right corner. You must then enter your Plus Card number, email ID, selecting a Kroger store, entering a password and by accepting all terms and conditions. You will receive a confirmation email shortly on the email address that you have provided. A link will be sent to you, simply open the link to confirm. Once you are done with these formalities. Call at the number given behind your Kroger Plus Card that is 1-800-576-4377 for assistance, explain your matter over the call and the service will link your required or selected cards. You can link two Kroger Plus Cards. Happy discounts and working! More Kroger Reads: