Kroger Policy regarding Leave-taking on Assigned timings


Are you new at Kroger company? Don’t know much about the policies? Or management doesn’t let you go even after your assigned working hours? If yes, then this blog is for you. Today we will highlight and answer your concerns which you posted on the Kroger public forum.


Question: A Kroger employee said that “If anyone of employee could answer my concern as I work in PHARMACY dept, as a tech. Today the pharmacist on duty threatened to write me up for leaving five minutes after the shift was over. it was slow all day and then a customer showed up two minutes before close to drop off a script from the ER. i did my duty and then i got my stuff to leave. she said are you sure about that? and said she had already written up two other techs for leaving before everyone else. there was one tech operating the drive-thru, and two other techs besides me were standing around waiting to leave. To me, this is a waste of our time and also the company’s. (if you make it eight minutes past, you get paid for fifteen). last I heard leaving on time was not even actionable, but since our department is non-union, I’m uncertain. Can someone please provide a reference on the company’s policy, or direct me to someone to ask (anonymously)?

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Now, in this regard what you can do is use your portal feed Kroger or if you are still using Great people Kroger for employees. You can write anonymously about this issue to directly to higher management about this incident. Or you can always contact the concern department. You can write letter to management that if clients show up. Right on the leaving time then and you do extra hours of shift you should be getting paid for extra hours. Good Luck

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