Kroger presented all new “Fresh Cart” as part of the logo


Just in: the largest grocery retailer, Kroger announced and shared a new icon dubbed “Fresh Cart” which has joined the elongated “K” and “G” Kroger logo and the “Fresh for Everyone” logo in its retail, marketing, and media branding scheme. The curvy Fresh Cart icon – with two-wheel points and resembling a citrus slice – will sport the same contemporary, streamlined look and signature blue color of the Kroger logo. Kroger notes on its website that the Fresh Cart icon reflects its brand motto of “feeding the human spirit” through easy access to fresh food for all.


In this regard, the official spokesperson said in a conference this Thursday that the Fresh Cart combines two core Kroger Family stocks, innovation, and modernity, into one. The Cincinnati-based supermarket giant is an icon that has become synonymous with the grocery experience.” Our shopping cart was created using the letter K curve to represent our dedication to Constantly improving your shopping experience. No matter how you like to shop.

Kroger presented all new Fresh Cart as part of the logo

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Citrus wedges symbolize a commitment to freshness that goes beyond food. At Kroger, “Fresh” is an approach to everything we do and a sentiment we hope will inspire our customers. Going forward. This icon will complement our existing Kroger Family brand assets, including the logo and tagline, and serve as a consistent visual unifier across our banners, services, methods, and expertise.”

While the Ads concerning Fresh Cart will comprise retail, television and radio broadcasts, digital, print, social media, podcasts, cinema, and outdoor channels. Kroger said it plans to launch a multimedia campaign to highlight the latest update to its brand.

“Our new brand icon, the Fresh Cart icon, brings together the Kroger family of companies into one unified visual framework and reinforces our brand promise, ‘Fresh For Everyone ’‘stated by Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen said on Kroger’s second-quarter conference call.

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