Kroger puts “evolution” in the stock of profit growth


Kroger, one of the largest and known grocery retail in USA. They have been growing and making process digitally as well. Quite recently, the progress chart which showed that progress about the Kroger growth said Peter Lynch the great, director of the Fidelity Magellan Fund whose average annual return was 29.2% from 1977-1990 during Lynch’s tenure as fund manager.


This was part of the reason I bought shares in Walmart Inc. About three years ago. It was a relatively early addition, with the 20 added stocks to my current portfolio of 36. In this regard, I was in this store on almost daily basis. I saw the lines, knew how much I spent there each week (it was a lot). I was aware and comfortable with their growing online presence and I also took advantage of that on a regular basis.

Kroger puts evolution in the stock of profit growth

Furthermore, I’ve since diverted my grocery shopping almost exclusively to The Kroger Co (KR). This happened sometime in early last summer, and if the memory is working. It’s because the local Walmart company was already having problems figuring out how they want to deal with COVID. I had enough and drove another quarter-mile north to a Kroger who seemed to have had better handling of things, like he had at the time. I prefer buying my groceries in Kroger.

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Customer service is much better and I didn’t notice a noticeable difference to my monthly grocery bill, so I kept doing most of our grocery shopping there. These are clearly all unconfirmed evidence and I would not recommend buying or selling a stock depending on whether or not you shop there. Probably some people have had the opposite experience and I understand that. I had many very good reasons for my initial purchase of Walmart stock. There are several things I look for when analyzing stocks. They are not in a specific order:

  • Growth in sales and profits
  • High cash flow
  • A lot of cash
  • Low debt, reducing debt, or both

The company rewards shareholders with dividends, share buybacks, or both. Finally, I want to make sure that profits continue to grow. So, let’s take a look at this stuff for Kroger. As corporate profits increase, companies become more valuable, and sooner or later, they will sell their shares at a higher price. Here are the earnings per share produced by each of these wonderful companies. While I think the calculations and data are accurate, you should do your own research if you see something that doesn’t make sense to you. There is no doubt that Walmart is an excellent company with huge and growing revenue. Both WMT and KR showed significant and steady growth in the revenue figures per share. I am not planning to compare Kroger to Walmart for each category that I will be looking into, and based on this exact figure, I would be a happy owner of either company. But let’s move to the next scale. Now, what do you think about the report? Is Kroger doing better and improving? What else improvement would you like to see? Let us know in the comment section below!

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