Kroger reaches deal over a new contract with union staff

According to the recent update regarding the Kroger employee, there is now a new contract for about 1,200 Kroger employees across 10 locations in the Upper Ohio Valley. Wendell Young, president of UFCW Local 1776, stated that the contract was approved with 55% of the vote.

While this new contract covers many areas but focuses on three main components. The first major component of the New Deal is a wage increase. Young says this was a major problem during negotiations, as employees wanted more money after working on a large scale during the pandemic, and in response to rising inflation.

Kroger reaches deal over a new contract with union staff

Furthermore, the new contract will retain the same medical benefits without increasing the cost of personnel. If health care costs rise over time, the company will pay the difference for the term of that contract.

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Another key piece involves Kroger paying more money into the pension fund to protect their long-term viability. Young tells us that the pension fund was already doing well, but as more and more pension funds are having problems across the country, that extra security has been a huge benefit. Now, let’s see what will be further added to this contract as it is still in talks. We will update you regarding Kroger employee news. Stay tuned!

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