Kroger Responds to ‘Unreasonable’ Murder at Memphis Fuel Centre


According to the recent statement issued by the giant grocery retailer in America Kroger regarding the sad incident of Alvin who was murdered by the gas station guard. Kroger stated that the family is seeking justice after learning that a security guard at one of their gas stations in Tennessee shot and killed a man over the weekend, calling it an act of “senseless violence.”


On Saturday, Alvin Motley was shot in the chest after he got into a “verbal altercation” with 54-year-old Gregory Livingston, according to an affidavit. The incident involved a third-party contractor who was providing security services at the Kroger Poplar Avenue fuel centre in Memphis.

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Here is the official statement by Kroger: “We are deeply saddened, deeply angry, and horrified by this senseless violence. Our hearts are with the Motley family.: “We require all outsourcers to respect and honour our core values ​​of respect, diversity, and inclusion.” The only outcome we seek is justice,” Kroger further added.

According to the affirmation, a witness told police that Livingston and Motley got into an argument about the “volume of music” coming from Motley’s car. Just before 7 p.m. on Saturday, Livingston approached officers saying he had shot a man later identified as Motley. Motley went to speak with the security guard and an altercation ensued, according to a witness. The witness said in the affidavit that Motley got back in his car but went back to Livingston and asked if they could “talk like men”. Next, the witness said they heard a gunshot and saw Motley “fall to the ground.”

When police arrived, Motley was lying “on the sidewalk, unresponsive near the fuel pump service centre with a gunshot wound,” as per the police report. “

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