Kroger sees significant support for plastic packaging proposal


Kroger, the largest grocery chain retailer has been in talks for the plastic proposal which has been in pipelines for quite some time now. While Half of Kroger’s shareholders are close to voting in favour of a proposal seeking a report on plastic waste for the supermarket operator.


Now, if we see the results of the Securities and Exchange Commission filing, 45.6 percent of the votes cast at Kroger’s general meeting supported a proposal that was on plastic packaging. While estimating the amount of plastic that has been Release to the environment Use plastic packaging, from the manufacture of source plastics, through disposal or recycling, and describe any strategies or goals for the company to reduce the use of plastic packaging to reduce these impacts.

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Here’s what Kroger said in this regard, “Kroger is notably absent from this historic business format,” the group says. “The company is one of the worst performers on packaging data transparency lacking in disclosure of key data such as the total plastic tonnage used and the number of plastic packaging units put into the trade.” Kroger’s board urged shareholders to vote against the proposal. In a company representative statement, the Board of Directors stated: “With the 2020 Kroger Sustainability Goals officially concluding, we are focused on the future and how our company can continue to achieve more positive outcomes for people and the planet. To shape our focus in the next decade, we have put in place multiple new commitments as well as broadening our reach. current to shape our business.

While, the results from Kroger’s another strong show of support from investors this year, as it challenges companies to raise the issue of single-use plastic pollution. And develop credible solutions to the global plastic pollution crisis now,” Conrad McKerron.

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