Kroger Shooter sentenced to life in prison for hate crime


According to recent reports by the police department regarding the case of hate crime murderer which took place at the Kroger area few years back.


Furthermore, the arrested man belongs from the and has been sentenced in federal court to life without parole in connection with the racially motivated murders. He is accused of two black patrons murder at a Kroger grocery store and the attempted murder of a third in Jefferson Town, Kentucky.

While, the murderer Gregory A. Bush, 53, of Louisville, Kentucky, previously pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the charges of murder, attempted murder. The endangerment caused by shooting and was sentenced to life imprisonment in a state prison according to the police reports.

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During the federal hearing, Bush admitted that on October 24, 2018, he drove to a Kroger grocery store in Jefferson Town armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 411, .40 calibre pistol. At the store, Bush followed a black man who was shopping with his grandson. Along the aisle before to pull the gun by his waistband and shoot the victim in the back of the head. Then Bush shot the victim several times in the torso, killing him. He chased to shoot him because of the victim’s race. Then Bush put his gun back and quietly walked out of the store. He further confessed that he went to the parking lot, Bush approached a black woman and shot her several times in the head and body, killing her. Bush had no prior relationship with this victim and chose to shoot her because of her race.

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Additionally, this Kroger shooting case has been investigated by the Louisville FBI, the ATF Louisville Field Division, and the Jeffersontown Police Department. And was judged by special litigation counsel Christopher J. Kentucky.

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