Kroger shuts down two grocery stores, Long Beach officials see new opportunities

According to the official news, the Food 4 Less shutdown, by contrast, could have a major impact on the surrounding North Long Beach community. Which already has limited access to fresh food.

It’s a predicament that has prompted Deputy Mayor Rex Richardson, whose ninth district includes the property’s location. To push the city to create a food security plan to ensure residents are affected by the closures – as well as residents who generally struggle to obtain healthy food. As part of its plan to recover economically from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kroger shuts down two grocery stores, Long Beach officials see new opportunities

Here is the official statement “To compensate for the sudden economic shock that may arise – the food shock – with the closing of these grocery stores, we must devise an equity-informed food security restoration strategy, which is a food security plan,” Richardson said during a board meeting in February.

“This must be put in place to prevent further escalation of food insecurity in disproportionately affected areas.” She writes that throughout the pandemic, the city has offered activities for emergency food distribution, meal and grocery delivery, and projects such as pop-up food stores and farm box delivery. It also helped organizations purchase equipment to distribute healthy perishable foods.

Long Beach is also making efforts underway to support the transformation of small markets, convenience stores, and liquor stores into health food markets, and it has written that some of the other programs the city hopes to launch soon include: A market for healthy, affordable foods in the city-owned Atlantic Farms Bridge residential community in North Long Beach that will provide homeless people there with training and work experience;

A mobile farmers ‘market that stops in areas where there is no access to traditional farmers’ markets. At least one “food center” for low-income neighborhoods can serve as a distribution point for health food markets, where food may be more affordable than anywhere else in the area.

While, Richardson said that while Food 4 Less may seem like an obvious choice, he has other property ideas. Personally, I would love to see a redevelopment of the site,” he said. “It’s a big property, right in the heart of North Long Beach, with great opportunity for housing, grocery and banking, and we’ve done that before in North Long Beach. So having a great location – there are a lot of opportunities to develop there.” Now what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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