Kroger Store Closing: What are the options for the employees


If you are working at Kroger and then you must have faced the issue of closing stores in few states due to the “hazard pay”.  If you are inquiring and wondering what are your options if the Kroger store closes. Any union contract closures if they will transfer you to another store?


While this similar query was asked by the current employee at the Public Kroger forum. He stated that “If any of the Kroger stores are closing, what are my options? Will they transfer me to another store? Will I continue working but in other Kroger stores”?

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Well, in this regard, Kroger has already closed more than 10 stores in Los Angeles and a few in the other states. If you were working there and still haven’t received the letter from the HR manager regarding this issue. Kroger has offered all their employee to work in nearby stores or get transferred to the available employment places. As union contract does offer you job and you can get transferred easily.

Additionally, you can even try finding a better job as well, if you are not willing to work in another state. Let us know if you have further questions regarding this issue. Comment below in the comment section we will love to help you further with your questions and issues at Kroger.

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