Kroger store have been hit hard by the weather-driven sales

Winter weather hit mid-south hard in the past week. We’ve seen several days of travel due to snow stunting and the delivery of everything from parcels and mail to COVID vaccines. And now, the America’s one of the largest grocery stores, Kroger shelves look a little bare.

Kroger store have been hit hard by the weather-driven sales

Here’s what the official said about the shortage “As with any grocery store, when there is snow or even the risk of snowing, families race to the store to get bread, milk and eggs,” said Teresa Dickerson, a spokeswoman for the company in the Kroger Delta division. Dickerson said these items are not available at many stores in the area and it is a typical response.

According to the sources, Kroger at Germantown Parkway and Trinity appeared to have been unable to restock this week. There was very little bread, maybe 20 loaves in total, and a few unseeded containers of milk. There was no hamburger, maybe one bundle of chicken breast left and most of the frozen pizza gone. There were a few packets of eggs available, but no cinnamon rolls.

The familiar phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here.

“The weather has prevented many of our vendors from introducing certain products to our stores, products like bread,” Dickerson said. While, in this Kroger is clearly not alone. Other grocery chains cannot be reached on Thursday, but Steverson Superlow Foods, which operates nine stores in the Memphis metro area, posted this message on its website: “Due to disruptions in our supply chain, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the items listed on Our website. We apologize for the inconvenience. The Associated Press reported that in some of the southern states hit hard by the storms, grocery chains like Walmart and Publix have had to close some stores either due to power shortages or labor shortages. Dickerson said there is a Kroger Distribution Center in Memphis and will help restock Mid-South stores as soon as possible. We will be updating the situation for your furtherance and you can check our website for more information. Let us know if you have the supplies, in your regions? In the comment section below!

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