Kroger stores open vaccination clinics throughout Kentucky

Recently, Kroger have announced that they will be opening more locations for the covid-19 vaccination. We learn Frederica Street Kroger from Owensboro would be a location. Community leaders said in the official statement that this is another step in the right direction to increase vaccination options in Owensboro.

Kroger stores open vaccination clinics throughout Kentucky

According to Governor Beshear, Owensboro’s Frederica Street Kroger and Madisonville’s Island Ford Road Kroger will have vaccination clinics. They will open next week which is schedule and they are already working on it for the betterment.

“Well, I think it’s great that they’re starting to roll out the vaccine in more locations,” said Bill Onorato, a shopper in Kroger. Shoppers in Owensboro Kroger say this is good news for the city. “I think they have a room here,” Onorato said.

According to the Kroger website, they have already opened clinics in other cities in Kentucky. These qualifications include Kentuckians in Stage 1A and 1B. Kroger asks those who qualify to bring proof of residency and vaccination eligibility. “I think we’re taking a step in the right direction to get our lives back to normal,” said Michelle Gregory, Kroger Shop.

To register for this clinic, you can visit their website. Link below

The Owensboro and Madisonville locations are not listed there yet. The website will be updating locations in a week. After the clinics will be open and the official will be operational.

Officials say they do not have an opening date yet because they have not yet received their vaccinations. They say they will open scheduling 24 hours after receipt. Vaccines will be given at TLC and pharmacy. What are your views on it? Are you planning to book your appointments? Or is your friend’s family planning to get the vaccines? Let us know in the comment section below!

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