Kroger Sued for Failing to Protect Customer Data


Kroger was charged in federal court for failing to protect customer and employee data related to the violations it discovered in late January.


The class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Cincinnati District Court against Kroger (NYSE: KR) on March 3 in downtown Cincinnati, the largest traditional supermarket chain in the United States.

Kroger sued for failing to protect customer data

Claims that Kroger must be able to protect employees and customers

According to the lawsuit, Kroger officials have learned that Accellion Inc. An outside source located in Palo Alto, California has “loose” data protection that the outside source uses to transfer data. According to the lawsuit, Accellion stated that Kroger should move to a more secure platform, but chose to use an “outdated, insecure messaging platform”.

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As a result, according to the lawsuit, data has been leaked for an undetermined number of employees and customers.

The lawsuit states, “As a result of this widespread data breach, at least thousands of current and former Kroger customers and / or employees across the country have been exposed to Kroger (personally identifiable information) and protected health information. Victims of serious data breaches will be affected. negatively affect the rest of their lives. ”

The violations included employee personnel records and customer information such as name, home address, date of birth, phone number, social security number and in some cases health information such as insurance information, prescriptions and your medical history.

The company previously stated that credit and debit card details have not been stolen. He learned of the abuse in late January and reported it to the officer and authorities on February 19 after conducting his own investigation.

Kroger said less than 1% of customers were affected. The company said the violations mainly affected Kroger Health and Money Services customers.

The plaintiff in the case is James Jones; James Jones is a former Kroger employee and current Kroger Pharmacy customer who lives in Hillsboro. On February 19, he was informed that his personal data had been leaked.

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