Kroger Supports Everyone; Is It Good or Bad?


At Kroger Company, all genders matter. Kroger Company has never tried to discriminate between anyone. When you prosper and make loyal customers, there’s always a variety of people in the group. Discriminating someone for who they want to be is just like discriminating someone for being sick or healthy.


What did Kroger do to Employees?

Kroger online shopping company has recently fired two employees who refused to wear the LGBTQ logos, a rainbow heart on their uniform as Kroger’s daily news states. According to those employees what Kroger did was wrong and they sued Kroger Company for firing them. They had said that they always believed homosexuality was a sin; hence wearing those logos could violate their religious beliefs.

“I am requesting a reasonable accommodation of this dress code with regard to my religious belief,” Brenda Lawson wrote in a letter requesting religious accommodations, ABC News said, citing the lawsuit. “I am simply asking to wear my name badge over the heart logo.”

Was it the right decision?

There is a discussion being held on twitter and other forums if what decision they made was a correct one. According to some people, it may be right; maybe due to religious beliefs or maybe due to other beliefs. Many LGBTQ people took it to their hearts and voiced their thoughts. Many others who are straight coming out to their support. Being mean and disgraceful to someone just because they do not follow your same beliefs is not something to proud of.

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Kroger cares for its customers and LGBTQ employees

Kroger has not come out to say something to its ex-employees yet. It kind of does indicate that they believe everyone has their own beliefs. You cannot force a homophobic person to not be homophobic just like you cannot force a gay to not be gay. It’s easier said than done. Kroger online shopping site always cares for the customers it delivers to and always wants to keep at their best and above the rest.

Kroger’s high listing in Corporate Index 2019

Last year they had gotten a perfect score in the corporate equity index 2019; this index consists of the companies that treat their LGBTQ employees like a normal employee. This was an achievement for the Kroger Company. They gave those of the community an associate resource group, same-sex partner benefits, and transgender-inclusive health care. It did not try to change or keep a façade at bay for the customers or outsiders.

Should beliefs of one affect the beliefs of another?

If I was to say on my beliefs and accuse you of yours, do I have a justification to do so? I do not think that any excuse is justifiable enough to any extent. No matter how much you keep your walls up high and keep yourself isolated to just your faiths and religion, you will have to tear down that wall to accept another religion and faith. You do not have to accept it that is; you can just be calm and collected enough to accept that the other person has beliefs that differ from yours.

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Think before you pass judgment

Judgment has become such a common day to day routine that most times we do not even think about what we’re saying. We comment on friends, strangers, and passersby, young ones, and old ones no matter who it is we will pass an unneeded comment. None of us was ever taught to judge or discriminate. We learned all this ourselves as we grew up, from watching our parents or neighbors or those in our society.

Kroger putting up a façade for customers or making genuine relations?

Kroger does not look to be a company that may put up a mask to look good in other’s eyes. From the reviews I’ve read by the community on their employees, it seems that they do take care of their workers and customers. Kroger takes Pride as a serious matter. They seem to have compassion for spreading love and liberalism. This company does not look completely guilty.

Feedback from a community member upon this

“Well personally, I give full backing to Kroger Company upon this” stated by Lou Cavendish, “I believe that spreading love and compassion should always be centric and it’s this acceptance at the core of all organizations no matter the concept that gives us the courage to wear our colors with pride. I do not think those women were right about what they did. It’s 2020, that behavior is questionable”

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Teaching employees to love the humankind

Kroger is just promoting what it thinks is right. It is trying to teach its employees to treat all customers equally and not based on personal judgments. No one, even on a normal daily basis should judge others for what they believe in. It’s their life and we can just stay quiet or support them if our heart agrees. That is a valuable lesson that Kroger Company has tried to teach its employees. This does not only put a good face to Kroger but also becomes a loving name in the community members. It also makes Kroger have a better buyer-seller relationship. This behavior helps to satisfy all customers.

Good for marketing purposes

When Kroger becomes a name in the hearts of all, it instantly compels the customers to shop from the Kroger store. It creates a positive loophole; the more love and compassion they show, the more customers they’ll attract. A positive loophole will help them to achieve a desired goal on the selling chart. The more customers they attract, the more net worth they gain, hence jumping to a higher rank. This will unknowingly create a marketing strategy.

Should Kroger have dealt with it in another way?

There cannot be just one definite answer to this question. Many people have many different opinions on this matter. A few of the LGBTQ community also believe that people have different beliefs and you cannot force them to accept homosexuality. Just like that many straight people also support the LGBTQ community.


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