Kroger testing “New Technology trollies Scan, Bag & Go”


In 2021, the world is improving and slowly technology is taking over by making human lives easier and hassle-free. In this race, the largest grocery store chain is known as Kroger. They are testing a new smart shopping cart technology in the Cincinnati area that eliminates payment at checkout.


We know how exciting and cool it sounds? No need to be stuck in the lines etc! Here’s the complete guide in the blog below!

Now, the grocery store which is over the past few weeks, Kroger has quietly rolled out new trolleys in its Madeira store, which carry the “Kroger” brand trollies of advanced technology. The technology allows shoppers to load their cart with groceries, then pay by swiping their credit or debit card into the cart, and then head to the parking lot.

The amazing senor technology will be specially used with the artificial intelligence, the technology will enable shoppers to pool their orders without having to scan items as carts begin to recognize a box of beans or a pound of apples, according to the New York-based firm behind the technology.

The trolleys have a built-in scale to measure items sold by weight and a built-in screen that can provide shopping list recommendations, promotions, and route marking capabilities. Clients carry their own items using store bags or the reusable bags they bring.

In addition, Kroger tests a new “smart cart” in Cincinnati that records a shopper’s grocery store as it loads into the basket. Shoppers pay in the cart when their order is complete and skip the payment line.

What made this happened? Here’s the official statement by the company “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for self-propelled technology is pushing grocery vendors and retailers to innovate and adopt new technologies that keep shoppers safe and facilitate the payment process,” said Lyndon Gao, CEO and co-founder of Caper.

Besides Kroger stores, the Cincinnati grocery store operates several regional supermarket chains in 35 states, including Fred Mayer, Harris Teter, Ralphs, Mariano, Frieze, Smith, King Supers, Qatar Financial Center and more. The company owns nearly 2,800 stores and employs nearly 500,000 workers.

While, the store Kroger officials confirmed the pilot project but did not provide any further comment. The company, which frequently tests new technology in limited stores, is still testing its “Scan, Bag, Go” pilot program in a handful of stores, which allows shoppers to use personal scanners while shopping. This program still requires stopping at checkout to pay. We know how cool it would be? No need to stand in the lines and wait for your turn anymore! Let’s see when this official starts! Until then we will be updating you about the Kroger super news update! Let’s us know about this new advanced technology setup by Kroger in the comment section below!

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