Kroger to open first regional vaccination site at Kentucky Horse Park


Frankfort, KY. (LEX 18) The administrator Andy Beshear has stated regarding the latest local vaccination locations, which are run by the Kroger store to allocate vaccines of Covid-19 to Kentuckians.


Initiating them on Tuesday 2nd February reporting at 10:00am, the public who wants to get the vaccines can visit “Kentucky Horse Park” to get their initial shot of the vaccine for the first time.

The location for this is Alltech Arena is (4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY), you would have to go inside the Arena in order to get the vaccine.

More Updates:

If you want, then you may get the appointment to be scheduled which is going to get started at 5:00pm, starting on Thursday at Kroger. These scheduling would let you have the vaccines on time.

Covid-19 vaccines will be allocated starting from Tuesday till Saturday at 10:00 am till 4:00 pm in the initial week.

In the initial week of the month in February 8th, the public can do the important paper work which is signing up to get their vaccination in the following hours 10:00am – 4:00pm from Thursday till Saturday onwards.

The Kroger takes cares of their customer’s health and are always helping the public in terms of their health so they can flourish in health and can get a better lifestyle, also they are on a mission to solve the problems of Kentuckians who wants to get the vaccines, stated the Pheli Roberts, the health administrator at Kroger Louisville sector.

The main objective of Kroger is to keep the Kentuckians safe and to become a part of the communal who can help the public regarding their health.

The Kentucky of Transport assistant Jim Gray has stated that there will be around 3,000 appointment being held in one week, round about 600 people would be here for one day. The finalization for the new schedule would be uploaded on the website every day at 6:00 am.

The main subject of the vaccines would be the category from “phase 1” people who are above the age of 70 years. All of the locations of vaccines are requested to target this segment of age group first till the next schedule.

The rest people which are from “Phase 1a” and also from “1b” would be qualified for taking vaccine. The other people who are from “phase 1c” are qualified if there is enough vaccines on the given location so they can give the vaccines to the 90% of the public.

State’s vaccination phases includes:

  • People from: Phase 1 are continuing to have care services, assisted to have living services and healthcare staff.
  • People from: Phase 1b are the first one to respond, the Kentuckians who are of age 70 years and who goes to k-2 school staff.
  • People from: Phase 1c the Kentuckians who are of age 60 years or anyone who is older than of the age 16 having by S Centers for disease control and Prevention (CDC) which has high risk circumstances regarding Covid-19, overall are important staff.
  • People from: Phase 2 who are of age 40.
  • People from: Phase 3 who are of age.
  • People from: Phase 4 are the children who under the age of 16 if vaccines are qualified enough to give them then it would be round about 18% of the Kentucky’s public.

There is going to be three more local sites which are soon going to open by the associates Ephraim McDowell Hospital which located in Danville and the western Baptist and also Lourdes Mercy, two of them in Paducah.

So if you want to visit Kentucky Horse Park so you can get the vaccine, you should trail the signs given for Alltech Arena’s parking way, it does not charge from the visitors.

The vaccines would be supervised in Alltech Arena site near the crosswalk level.

The Kentuckians are requested to wait in their cars for about 5 minute formerly to get their appointed vaccinations.

The people who are coming for the vaccines should cover their faces by wearing the mask for protection and also should do social distances from one another.

If you are old or are handicapped and therefore you have difficulty walking inside, there would be security guard and State Guard standing in the entrance and would take you by golf cart directing towards the entrance.

If the weather is not pleasant then there would be a line of people standing inside at a distance therefore you don’t have to worry about any weather conditions.

State is also launching a latest website to check if you are now qualified for taking the vaccines and the rest data tackles.

You can visit the website or can call on this number (855) 598-2246 or (855) 326-4654 (call on this number if you have any inquiry) the timings to make the calls are from 8:00 am till 7:00 pm, Monday till Friday.

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