Kroger Turns to Tech-Enabled Training

According to the recent statement by the giant grocery retailer, Kroger stated that its stores are launching an in-person and online “playground” training program for hourly workers. It is said that it will increase their participation and better fit the way they work.

The program, called Fresh Start with Axonify, is being hurled in a phased fashion across Kroger divisions. It uses an enlightening platform from Waterloo, Ontario-based company Axonify. Allowing its workers to access customized training modules that support continuous learning in “small-size” increments of less than five minutes per shift versus a “one-size-fits-all” one.

Kroger Turns to Tech-Enabled Training

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Furthermore, here is the official statement by the officials, “We are constantly seeking new opportunities to create a more engaged culture, improve the lives of our partners and help them feed their future with us. A Fresh Start with Axonify is a digital tool that delivers a modern approach to training that works the way our colleagues do.” said Senshal Murphy, Senior Director of Training and Onboarding at Kroger, in comments emailed to WGB. “It helps our partners do their jobs better and helps them feel more informed, confident in and connected to their work, which leads to better engagement and retention.

In addition, the move comes as the industry faces a historic labour shortage allegedly caused by the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Companies like Kroger are turning to many new technologies as a way to help; The retailer, for example, works separately with DailyPay, a technology that allows workers to receive compensation while they work, and with a company called Brazen, which earlier this year helped Kroger organize an online job fair.

“We recently held our first virtual and in-person recruitment event across the company intending to hire 10,000 employees,” Murphy said. “Some of these roles were with the supply chain and the Kroger Delivery team while others were in stores, pharmacies, and manufacturing. Through this event, we were able to deliver over 5,000 offers in a single day – a record for Kroger.” Kroger employs approximately 500,000 employees. She said the new training program would help them “feel more informed and connected to the organization’s goals” and bolster a reputation that can attract talent.

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