Kroger, Tyrod Taylor Foundation Team Up to Hand Out 100 Thanksgiving Meals


According to Hampton, Va. (Wavy), The Bock was wrapped around with cars of community members who were parked closely for the free Thanksgiving meals on Monday afternoon. 


Hundreds of turkeys along with a bag full of fixings were submitted to the community at Darling Stadium in Hampton. As a preventive action due to COVID-19, all goods were handed over through drive-through in order to maintain social distancing. 

A resident of Hampton, Ray Cuffy said; “I think it’s great, wonderful, and it is a blessing,”

This could not be done without the partnership of Kroger and the Tyrod Taylor Foundation

Trina Taylor, Tyrod’s mom has said; “Tyrod Taylor’s Foundation is all about community so being able to give back and that’s what we do,” 

Individually, trunks were popped and chips in rushed to fill them.

Network individuals exploited the liberality, saying something positive like this is actually what’s required at the present time. 

A Hampton resident, George Kelley said; “It’s a blessing for the community. There’s a whole lot of people struggling of course. A whole lot of people dying from this virus,”

Another Thanksgiving meal is planned on Tuesday in case you missed the opportunity at the Boys and Girls Club, 1815 Shell Road in Hampton.