Kroger, UFCW boosts retirement benefits for Fred Mayer, QFC operator

According to the reports Kroger and UFCW is all set to Four of the United Food and Trade Workers’ Union (UFCW) representing. Fred Meyer and QFCW employees have ratified an agreement to transfer approximately $400 million in pension liabilities from the underfunded pension. The plan to the UFCW Unified Pension Plan.

Kroger, parent company of Fred Mayer and the Qatar Financial Center, said Friday that the transfer of funds from a sound pension fund scheme. Would stabilize pension benefits for more than 10,600 chain partners, reduce market risks and reduce administrative costs. Transfer approved by UFCW Consolidated Pension Plan and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. , The federal agency that regulates retirement plans for the private sector.

Kroger, UFCW boosts retirement benefits for Fred Mayer, QFC operator

“I am delighted that we reached an agreement to address the shortfall in funding for a healthy pension fund. Which is ineligible for relief under the Relief Act for the Emergency Pensions Scheme of 2021.” said Gary Millership, chief financial officer at Kroger, Cincinnati. statement. “This agreement is a great result for our partners, as it better protects previously acquired benefits and will prove future benefits.”

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Kroger indicated that it would cost the company about $ 310 million (after tax) to transfer $ 400 million in net outstanding pension liabilities (pre-tax). Which covers payments to associates and retirees for past service. The plans call for Kroger to transfer money from a healthy retirement fund to the UFCW consolidated pension plan in installments over the next six years. Resulting in an estimated cost of 40 cents per diluted share to net profit for the first quarter of 2021 based on generally accepted accounting principles.

While Kroger said that for Fred Meyer’s employees and QFC employees affected, future service benefits will accrue to a newly created Variable Pension Plan (VAPP) administered by the Sound Retirement Fund. “As with the previously announced pension restructuring agreements, this agreement allows us to reduce future exposure to market risks. Achieve a return on investment above our internal obstacle rate by reducing future costs. And provide a safer future for our partners’ pension benefits,” according to to Millership. “The proactive steps that Kroger has taken over many years to address the significant underfunding challenges facing multi-employer retirement plans. Place us in a position of strength to continue to provide a strong and sustainable total return to shareholders.”

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