Kroger & Union Staff’s contract agreement

Now, according to the recent statements by the Kroger union staff of working agreement is here. As we know that the looms on the horizon stopped working because Kroger. Staff Union unable to reach a contract agreement. While a strike may be imminent if Kroger and his union employees cannot reach an agreement on rejecting contracts.

They have been working on it since last May. Steve Gilius, 2008 President of United Food and Domestic Trade Workers International, said everything in their contract is a takeaway from the staff. “I’ve never seen a company behave like this,” said Gelius. Kroger is the only grocery store in Arkansas to still be affiliated with their partners. There are currently 29 stores in Arkansas, employing 3,000 union workers. The contract dispute is largely down to employee benefits, and who controls them.

Kroger & Union Staff’s contract agreement

In this regard, he said that “We just want a fair contract,” said Gelius. “We are not asking for the moon.” Currently, Kroger handles employee health benefits in the Taft-Hartley Benefits Fund. This means that it is managed jointly by Kroger and the union secretaries, who make decisions together.

If you’re wondering what’s in this new contract? Kroger is offering to raise wages, investing $ 27 million in wage increases and halftime salary after 8.5 hours. However, they want the workers to go to the company’s insurance plan. “We believe our offer is fair, and we are ready to work with our local 2008 year to make sure our colleagues are well taken care of,” said Teresa Dickerson, corporate affairs director.

While, they are trying to get this contract that these people have fought for for 30, 40, 50 years. We’re not going to let that happen,” Gilius said. He also argues that the money they use to raise wages comes from their benefits, the current standard for eight-hour overtime pays. We want to ensure that employees have a say in what goes on in their health insurance,” said Gelius. “This is the first issue.”

In addition, he further stated that qualifying for the benefits would also require more hours per week. He said that individuals currently need 20 hours per week to qualify, but that under this contract they would need 27 hours, and 36 hours for employees who have family members on the plan over a period of 52 weeks. If you miss one day a week, 10 or 12 weeks out of the year, you will not be eligible for full-time benefits or even individual benefits,” said Gelius.

In this regard, Dickerson said that was not the case, and that an increase in wages would not be excluded from its benefits. As a Fortune 25 company, she said, they’re more willing to control benefits. Our partners are the heart and soul of our company,” Dickerson said. “We want to do what’s best for them, and we think our Kroger health plan is the best thing for them.” The union held a strike vote for the last decade’s offer – 92% rejected the contract. We are ready for that,” said Gilius. “I got permission to strike and strike penalty from our country. We have timetables ready to go.”

The parties agree that no one will win in one blow and hope it can be dealt with before it comes to that. However, Kroger is preparing by spreading the word that they are hiring replacement workers for just $ 14 an hour just in case. While, Kroger hires replacement workers in case of union strike due to contract negotiations. Gelios said it’s frustrating because they offer replacement workers more initial wage than they do current employees. Now, this is sad, what are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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