Kroger Updated Store Hours for Coronavirus (Covid-19)


The world is facing the biggest pandemic of the century, Covid-19, that has paralyzed life across the globe. Getting utilities and food is becoming stressful day by day since most of the trade and manufacturing activities are on halt nowadays.


Kroger, on the other hand, is trying its best to meet the needs of its valued customers in this hour of need.

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Kroger has already issued a detailed and comprehensive plan for sanitizing and cleaning its stores to keep the customers and the staff safe from Covid-19.

Currently, the corporation has announced the updated store hour during the pandemic days.  This initiative is need of the hour since the circumstances are getting unpredictable day by day. The stocks and inventory in the stores are already disturbed by the panic shoppers, and the buyers’ behaviour is also very much impulsive, keeping the panic of Covid-19 in view.

Kroger is Trying to Keep the Word

Kroger has the aim to provide the masses with the necessities of life as smoothly as possible. This is the reason the corporation has still not implemented the shutdown yet. However, the updated store hours will ensure that Kroger keeps operating to meet the aim and provide food items and other utilities to the customers in the best possible way.

During the earlier days of Covid-19 breakout, there was a trend of panic shopping that caused severe mismanagement. People started hoarding food and other utility items like hand sanitizers, toilet papers, and paper towels. This situation left the older people with nothing to buy as the stores were empty. People with long job hours also suffered during this situation. Restocking to meet the demand was impossible as there was too much demand, and even the revised supply schedule could not match it.

Kroger decided to control the situation and ensure that senior citizens also get what they need to live a healthy life.  Erin Grant, Kroger’s spokesperson, announced that the corporation came to know through the CDC that the older adults are more likely to catch the virus as compared to the youngsters. Moreover, people with different health conditions are also more at risk of not recovering after catching the virus. Unfortunately, a large number of elderly people are already suffering from heart health issues, liver problems, and other serious health issues.

All of these factors make a routine grocery shopping a severe health risk for senior citizens. Kroger has taken this concern seriously, and this change in store hours is a praiseworthy initiative.

Kroger Responds the Situation Responsibly

This initiative will not only facilitate the senior citizens but will give more time to the stores for cleaning and sanitizing. This disinfecting process is the need of the hour since cleanliness is the only prevention against Covid-19. The older adults are at a higher risk of catching this fatal virus since they have a weak immune system. Along with that, their persisting health issues make things even worse.

However, senior citizens are not the only ones who needed this change of store hours. The store staff needed extra time to meet the standards of sanitization during the virus break. They need to clean all the surfaces in the stores. Moreover, sanitizing cashier counters, self-checkout counters, and food delivery counters are also part of the new regimen of cleaning at Kroger. In addition to this, the staff has to perform a thorough sanitizing routine before restocking the shelves.

This extra sanitization process demands time, and this new schedule is going to facilitate the staff to perform their cleanliness regimen in the most efficient way. The community is appreciating this initiative  from Kroger because the corporation is investing time and money to keep the staff and the customer safe while managing to provide everyone with food and grocery items conclusion

The Covid-19 outbreak has left the entire world in a panic, and supplying the food items and necessities of life is a huge concern. The problem is even graver when the entire world and health agencies are forcing the governments to impose a complete lockdown. Senior citizens with deteriorating health and mobility issues needed some special initiatives to buy groceries and food items.

The other issue Kroger was facing during the Covid-19 outbreak was maintaining the cleanliness routine for the stores. When doctors are saying that disinfecting is the best weapon to fight against Covid-19, the corporation is trying the best to minimize the risk of infection by keeping the stores extra-clean.

This change in store hours by Kroger will facilitate everyone, along with elderly customers. Moreover, the store staff will be able to spend the required time to clean the stores to the expected standards. The first hour right after opening the stores will be only for the senior citizens from 23rd March.