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A Kentucky woman has been trying to get a COVID-19 vaccine for several weeks and is delighted to have an end date through Kroger. But he soon discovered that the pharmacy wouldn’t let him in.


Vaccine sites in Indiana show up for Kentuckians

Amy Stone said of the registration process, “A friend told me Kroger would accept it, so I came and asked specifically about the state you live in.”

When you visit the Kroger website to make an appointment, Kentucky residents have repeatedly stated that they live in the Commonwealth and plan to purchase vaccines in Kentucky.

However, when you open the page to choose a vaccination site, the Kroger, Indiana site begins to fill out those options.

“If Louisville has many options, yes, there are,” said Stone. “When the email arrived,” said Clarksville, Indiana. ‘

Stone interrupted his studies and eventually thought the offer he was getting was actually a problem with Kroger’s website.

“I called Roger and waited 32 minutes,” said Stone. “One woman replied that she was very kind. I told her what had happened and she said,” When they get there, they won’t let you have it.

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We called the Roger and asked if they knew the site allowed Kentucky residents to register in Indiana. And they released a statement saying:

“Eligibility is clearly defined on our landing page and will be updated regularly to comply with current state guidelines. We require those who are not eligible to register to be open during the phase and within their eligible jurisdiction.”

Amy Stone is looking for a vaccine again, hoping no one else will have the same false hopes she has.

“Whoever tried said nothing was available,” said Stone. It’s very frustrating. It can take you two hours a day to find a place to live. ‘

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