Kroger will be providing 400 home meals on wheels for customers receiving COVID-19 vaccinations

According to the recent news, Fort Worth firefighters are managing a one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine to home-cooked customers on wheels. Kroger is working with Fort Worth and Burleson and the Fort Worth Fire Subdivision to vaccinate home meals on wheels for Tarrant County agents against COVID-19.

Kroger will be providing 400 home meals on wheels for customers receiving COVID-19 vaccinations

According to the organizers, around 400 Meals on Wheels customers who have no family or are disabled and are unable to leave the home will be the first to be vaccinated with the one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccine as part of the partnership.

While, the vaccinations will be managed by members of the Fort Worth firefighting division. Fire Department Chief Jim Davis said they are proud to support the partnership that is making a positive difference and that “everyone on the front lines works tirelessly to provide compassionate care to those who are isolated and who have limited access to these vaccines.

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“This partnership is an excellent example of the city’s innovative ways in our effort to break down barriers that may prevent people from getting a vaccine,” Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price said in a statement. “Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County is an organization that already does incredible work in our community throughout the year, and having the Fire Department working with them to deliver vaccines directly to the homes of our most vulnerable residents makes sense.” Jeff Loch, director of Kroger Health, said the company is proud to continue its partnership with Fort Worth and other communities to ensure everyone has access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here is the official statement “We are very grateful to Kroger Health, the cities of Fort Worth and Burleson, and especially the men and women of the Fort Worth fire department for giving these life-saving vaccinations to our clients, who are often some of the most vulnerable members of our team.” Said Carla, President and CEO of Meals on Wheels. Inc. in Tarrant County, this only proves that Tarrant County is truly a place for aging. Organizers said that there are about two million people residing in their homes in the United States who would have less chance of receiving a vaccine if not for commitment to public-private partnerships like this one. Now, what are your thoughts on this kind gesture cause? Let us know in the comment section below!

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