Kroger worker demands action on Contract Issues


Kroger is one of the leading and most known names globally. Now, recently the workers did strike and asked for the required actions against the contract issues which were left unaddressed. Here are the details about this event!


The United Food and Commercial Workers resident 400+ members who work for Kroger are impatient and organize in-store gatherings to let management and customers know they want a deal. The pending issue has been raising for quite a while.

Further, the negotiations for new contracts have continued since August, but despite support from federal brokers, the company has come close to reaching an agreement. The previous union contract expired on August 29 and was extended until October 17. Workers are now working without a contract and want immediate action.

The federation is calling for better wages, health care, and safe working conditions, including hazard pay for frontline employees who continue to work during the pandemic. One of the protestors Ms, Lisa Butcher, a 38-year-old employee, attended a protest at the Kroger site in Spratton on Friday.

Gave her statement that “Health care, seniority, and wages, they don’t want to give any of the top employees a salary increase. They want to lower our benefits during a pandemic when we are essential workers”. While the data from the union says 103 grocery workers have died and 14,300 workers have tested positive for the virus. “They’ve been negotiating – they’ve been doing it since August,” Boucher said, “Nothing yet and that’s why we’re here, we want to get it done.”

While, several businesses were closed, but Kroger workers continued to work regular shifts, according to Boucher. “We’ve worked through this epidemic; it’s risking our lives. They aren’t helping us at all by not giving us a contract,” Boucher said.

she earned part-time and full-time bonuses of $ 300 and $ 150 respectively early in the pandemic. June 18, a similar post for full-time and part-time qualified workers. The company also offered an additional $ 2.00 / hour increase for all employees, and this program ended May 16. But all they want is for Kroger to take action and fulfill the demands. Let us know your thoughts on it! Comment below!

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