Kroger Worker Stole $10 Million- Police Report


According to the Police report and official statement by the Kroger Duluth, Ga. One youngster age 19 who was serving at the Kroger super store reported that he stole $10 million dollar and brought cars and guns. Want to know the detailed news? Swipe down to get all the details.


Recently, an incident took place at the largest grocery food chain store in Duluth, Ga Kroger. Where the employee stole huge amount of money. The Police said a supermarket worker stole a million dollars and bought cars and guns. Police report showed that the employee is only 19 years old officially in Cairo, it updated around the clock. After he stole the money, he went straight to buy the shopping for weapons and cars, including a car to sell things to sell at the metro Atlanta place.

Gwinnett County police said an employee, Trey Brown, 19, received more than 40 refunds on multiple credit cards for merchandise that he falsely claimed were returned to Kruger in Duluth, Georgia.

Transaction values ranged from $ 75 to more than $ 87,000, according to police, who said the fraud scheme was implemented over a two-week period in December and January while the compliance officer at the supermarket was away.

It was not immediately clear how many weapons Brown had purchased and what type. In addition to firearms, apart from that the police said he brought clothes and shoes with the money he stole. There is information available on how and when the Camaro was assembled. Mr. Brown, from Duluth, was released on bail on the same day of his arrest, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s District.

Corporal. Colin Flynn, a spokesman for the Gwinnett County Police Department, said in an email Thursday that Brown was working at the fuel station at the supermarket. Corporal Flynn said the items Mr. Brown claimed were returned were lottery tickets, adding that investigators were trying to determine whether the ticket numbers he provided for tickets were actual or forged. What is your take on this story? Share your views on this by commenting below in the section below.

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