Kroger’s E-schedule Guide


Working at Kroger is quite an experience. Kroger offers their employee to access the e-schedule guide easily available. But if you are new or finding it difficult to find the e-schedule then this blog will help you with your app.


One of the current employees at Kroger recently asked and stated that “I have been facing an issue and wanted to see if anyone had any idea about the blue stars on the eschedule? as well as why it has incorrect hour numbers listed below it, I’m pretty new (only been here for a couple of weeks) and haven’t been trained to work in any other departments. So, it doesn’t seem to coincide with other threads about it being a sub-department (that I know of).  it also has my schedule from 12-8 but lists that as 6.25 Hours even though it would be 7.5 hours after a lunch break is taken.”

Well, in this regard you need to understand that if you are newly, appointed the blue stars shows that your shift has pending hours. While the blue star is called bagger and might be telling you about off-hours. If you have any other concerns you can comment below or if anyone else is facing a similar issue please get in touch. We would love to guide you about it.

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