Kroger’s Facing Limited Supply of Covid-19 Vaccination in Brookhaven

No doubt that Kroger does care for its workforces and know how to give them the finest. Recently, Kemp who made a visit to the clinic running the Kroger. Kemp said that it is running successfully and smoothly, the staff admitting and discharging patients. But he said the problem was still the limited supply the country was getting from the federal government.

He said that “Some of the larger systems like Grady and others – actually have hundreds of thousands of patients who qualify for the vaccine right now, and they can’t get the vaccine because of the supply,” After the tour, the governor shared that Metro Atlanta hospitals have seen a 20% drop in COVID patients over the past two weeks. “Their numbers are constantly cultivating,” Kemp said. “Those who think they may have the symptoms of COVID that they experience – that number is decreasing, too.”

Kroger’s Facing Limited Supply of Covid-19 Vaccination in Brookhaven

In addition, Mr. Kemp said further that he does not expect shipments from the federal government to increase by more than 154,000 doses per week. In this regard the head Dr. Tommy said that while they wait for vaccinations, they are preparing vaccination sites for another wave of enthusiastic patients – especially the elderly.

The head doctor said that “We hope we can vaccinate all of our seniors because when you look at who this disease really affects across the state, they are our very old people,” she said. Meanwhile, Kemp said he is looking forward, hoping that Georgia can vaccinate many more people in the coming months, if a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also approved. The governor’s visit came just a day after he and Dr. Tommy went to the Coronavirus vaccine site in Jim Miller Park in Cobb County.

During his Wednesday morning visit to Cobb County, Kemp provided an update to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine across the state. He also mentioned how the Georgians need to stay alert. The governor said that although there is a vaccine and more people are received every day, “we are still in a deadly race against a highly contagious virus.”

Tommy previously mentioned that this variant (B.1.1.7), according to the CDC, will likely be the dominant strain in the United States by March. The Public Health Agency said this variant was “much more contagious” than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and “may increase the risk of death.” The governor said that in Georgia, so far, more than a million people have had at least one injection, with more than 500,000 of these people being elderly. Now, the first priority is the elder workforces in the Kroger superstores, as they as more prone to get infected towards Covid-19. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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