Kroger’s Mask Rule will end on 15th June 2021


Working at Kroger? Looking forward to living your life like we used to? Or getting worried about the mark lift rule? As Kroger and all other main grocery retailers will drop the lift of mask requirements. They will let vaccinated clients enter the stores without mask restrictions. But at the same time employees are quite worried as they are aware many shoppers might not be vaccinated and they get infected? In this regard, one current worker has posted his statement on the public Kroger forum.


While, he stated “everyone at Kroger and their employees and customers, starting June 15, 2021 5 major stores will be removing their mask mandates for both customers and employees.  Those stores are TARGET, WALMART, COSTCO, SAM’S CLUB, TRADER JOES.  Why isn’t Kroger doing it for their employees and customers???  If it’s safe for the other major department stores, it’s safe for Ralphs employees and customers. There is no reason left.  I will gladly give my money to at all the other stores and all my family and friends and neighbours agree as well. Big loss of sales and money for Kroger/Ralphs.

In this regard, let us clear that you can still wear a mask if you want but yes, as more and more shoppers are getting vaccinated, they can come and shop without masks. Soon all major stores will lift the restrictions. Also, only vaccinated shoppers will enter without a mask.

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