Kroger’s new shrewd shopping cart lets you skip the line


According to the news we have been hearing a lot about krogers, new possible smart ways to let customers enjoy their grocery time. Now, the grocery chain is testing KroGO digital trolleys. You’ve heard of smartphones, smart watches, and smart TVs. Add smart shopping trolleys to the list as Kroger introduces the new KroGO digital shopping trolleys. Kroger’s Corporate Affairs Director, Irene Rolfs, let our cameras into the Madeira, Ohio, Kroger store to see the grocer’s latest experience with in-store technology: a digital shopping cart that responds to the purchase while shopping.


Furthermore, Madeira Kroger has been testing these strollers since January and has a dozen at the store entrance, ready for shoppers to try them out. While touring the store, Rolfs grabbed apples, lemonade and more, wiping every item in the KroGO cart, designed by a New York startup called Caper.

Kroger's new shrewd shopping cart lets you skip the line

“We packed some sweet potatoes,” she explained. “I told the cart what we were doing. Then it weighed it, and the little avocado photo told us how much it weighed and how much it cost.” With new KroGo smart cart. Shoppers were impressed with the speed and convenience. One of the shopper Anisha Ham has used the cart many times and love it. “I think it’s fast, convenient, and can get you out of the house,” she said. It can also alert you to products similar to the ones you just scanned, such as offering packets of salsa or guacamole for sale if you’ve just bought a bag of tortilla chips. The biggest difference between these trolleys and the other technology that stores have been trying (such as Kroger’s “Scan, Bag and Go” handheld scanners), is that with these trolleys, you never have to stop in the exit lane.

While, further added that “We learned during the pandemic that people really want to get in and out of their grocery experience, so everything is in one cart, you pay for it and it goes straight out the door,” Rolfs said. Rolfs showed us how you can now swipe your credit card in the cart, without having to wait in line. It is very high tech; it even requires smart cards. What about the future of exit workforce? Kroger says they’re not going anywhere, because these buggies are just an option for people who love smart technology. Shopping cart maker Caper said that some other stores now using these trolleys have moved cashiers to other store locations and have not reduced their staff. Now what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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