What is Kroger?

Reading the title, you might be wondering, what is Kroger? What is its private label? How can it take us places? Right? Well, let me first answer you the simplest question.


Starting from what is Kroger? Kroger is ranked as the world’s 5th best retailer company which by the way turns out to be 137 years old. Crazy. Right? One might wonder that over time it is hard for a company to maintain its standards but one might be wrong when it comes to Kroger. It has stood firm throughout the years no matter what you throw at it and have maintained its rank at the top ALL THE TIME! It provides products and services that are just THE BEST.

What is Kroger’s private label?

The simplest answer to this question would be HemisFares. A detailed answer would be that Hemisfares is actually a branch that was launched by Kroger that provides customers with the Italian taste. It launched 27 new products and is still thinking of launching other countries’ tastes and more products.

The idea of launching a private label for unique tastes was actually given by Gil Phipps, the vice president of Kroger’s Corporate Brands.

When we talk about foods, in my opinion, we talk about ethnicities, traditions, and cultures because to me food is a source of travel for the taste buds and when they travel, we travel along with them. Not everyone has the means to travel and then learn about a culture of that place but Kroger has bought us the beauty of Italy through HemisFares and if you ask me that is FASCINATING. Kroger never fails to surprise us. Customers can also expect for more flavors from around the world in the next year from regions including Spain and Japan.

When you look at any product that HemisFares has to offer, you can tell by its packaging the story of how it came to be. It also has a “find number” which helps the customers to look into more products like this that they would absolutely love.

The whole idea of HemisFares is to allow our customers to take a journey of food experience around the globe without having to leave home.” CFO Mike Schlotman said on a conference call while addressing people about the launching of HemisFares on September 11th.

Kroger has never failed us and given us the best of the best of his products. It has given us both quantity and quality. It provides people products at a much cheaper rate and better quality whereas other brands provide that with much lesser quality and much higher price.

If we look around ourselves, the food industry has grown so much and the reason it has grown is that the taste of the population evolved with time. They wanted more when the got some. The curiosity of what might this taste and what might that taste led them to this world of food. A world where you can make food out of anything and everything. And Kroger is always trying to feed its customers the best, providing us a great service and even greater products. For these reasons, in my opinion, Kroger has always remained on the top. You can’t cross them especially when it comes to products. They are UTTER PERFECTION.

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